Documents are the lifeblood of any enterprise

The AIspace Document AI capability allows you to quickly identify the main points of a document without the need to even read the document. You can use AIspace Document AI to extract information about people, places, events, and much more mentioned in text documents. Imagine the time that you will save especially if your organization handle large volumes of documents everyday. 

We employ techniques from class-leading sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP) toolkits to extract key phrases from a document.  Coupled with using AIspace's Search Engine, you are able to classify and search collections of documents by the tags that are automatically generated. 

In the following example, from the key phrases extracted from our Document AI, we know the sentence (without reading it) is about an 'Babbobox', 'AIspace', 'official announcement', etc. If we want to find more documents relating to these key phrases, we can simply search these terms in AIspace Search Engine. 


Currently, AIspace Document AI supports English and Japanese. We are working on support for other languages. Furthermore, we are also working on other forms of Document A.I. and functions that will help your enterprise unleash the potential of Big Data within your documents.

This is just the start of the Document AI revolution.