UNderstanding images and making them searchable

The biggest storage challenge for images is that you cannot search them. The current platforms that allows image search requires you to tag all your images individually and manually! AIspace will change that by applying Artificial Intelligence to automate this process. Along with our Search Engine, we will index your images with tags created and make them searchable!

AIspace Image AI engine analyzes images and return results based on thousands of recognizable objects, living beings, scenery, and actions. In cases where tags may be ambiguous or not common knowledge, our system provides “hints” to clarify the meaning of the tag in context of a known setting. More importantly, it provides attempts to provide context to what the image is about. 


A collection of content tags forms the foundation for an image “description” displayed as human readable language formatted in complete sentences. Tagging is not limited to the main subject, such as a person in the foreground, but also includes the setting (indoor or outdoor), furniture, tools, plants, animals, accessories, gadgets etc.

The following diagram shows the 86 categories that our Image AI can identify and tag. 



Supported image formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP.
At this point, results are in English. However, results can be translated to over 100 languages.