We are partnering Ricoh to drive Digital Transformation in Asia with A.I.

AIspace is exclusively available in 9 Asian Countries via Ricoh Asia Pacific.
These 9 countries are Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

To find out more about AIspace in these countries, write to us HERE.
For rest of thew world or private AIspace, please click HERE.

AI-infused Digital Transformation

Enterprises know the need for digital transformation, but many perceive AI to be out of reach because it's either too costly, or they have little knowledge about the benefits to them. This is about to change. AIspace is

making AI accessible to all enterprises

By using AI to the something we all need - Storage.
We apply AI to digital assets (documents, images, media) that already exist within your organization. For the first time, everything is now discoverable using the
World's First Unified Search Engine

Document AI


Find out how we use AI for Your documents

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Image AI

Find out how we apply AI to Your IMage Library

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