Other than "Internal User" user account type, we allow you to create user accounts for "Business Partners" (External Users). The key difference is that "Business Partner" accounts are isolated from the rest of the "Internal Users" accounts. By allowing Business Partners access, you can build stronger ties and ease communications between parties.

Examples of such usage would be Projects, Marketing department sharing collaterals with PR agencies, with Key Customers to maintain close relations, etc. 

Collaboration WORKSPACES

Create shared workspaces and easily invite team members to upload files and collaborate online. Documents and files are always accessible anytime, anywhere.


Easily share large files both within your company and with external partners replacing FTP software and email attachments. You can either choose to share a single file or an entire folder. 


Ever needed a file from someone but the file was just:

  • too LARGE to be sent via email?

  • too SENSITIVE to use a 3rd party public file transfer app?

The #ShareAFile is a file request feature that specifically addresses this problem! Simply send a email request using #ShareAFile and person whom you are requesting from simply click one a link to upload files. For added security, we even password-protect each individual file request.


No access to email? You can now send a message to any of your team member within AIspace. 


Like a newsfeed for your workspace, keep up with all activities via the "Activities" tab in your AIspace. You are also notified via email when others have uploaded new files to the workspace