AIspace (pronounced as "i"space) is the Next Generation of Enterprise Storage by infusing numerous Artificial Intelligence into all your digital assets (documents, images, audio and video). Truly democratizing AI by making it available to business end-users. Thus, enabling AI-infused Digital Transformation.


For the first time ever, you will be able to index and search inside all your documents, images, audio and video in a single platform using the World's First Unified Search Engine. Beyond Search, you can now apply AI to documents and images for analysis. This will open up a whole world of future possibilities, especially in the Big Data. 

Think of AIspace simply as what all future storage should be - Intelligent!

Our Mission


Our Vision

To EMPOWEr Every Organization to achieve more by democratizing AI

AISpace is a service fully owned by Babbobox

Babbobox developed one of world's most advanced AI Video Search Engine where it combines numerous advanced technologies (Speech Recognition, Video OCR, Cognitive Services, Image Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Enterprise Search) into a single platform.

Babbobox started as a Cloud Document Management System focusing on helping corporations to organize their digital assets. As a result, our first product was launched in 2015 partnering two world-class technology leaders, Kodak Alaris and Lenovo.

In 2017, Babbobox launched VideoSpace - the next generation of AI-infused Video Platform. With these new technological possibilities, VideoSpace created 4 innovative offerings: StreamVideo On-DemandVideo Search and Video TranslationBabbobox has evolved, transformed and has become a global leader in Video Search Engine technologies by creating Four World's First. We are using these breakthroughs into our data and video platforms to enable enterprises unleash the true value of their digital assets. 

AIspace is launched in 2019 with the mission of making AI accessible to all enterprise by means of infusing A.I. into storage.