Data Security

We employ multiple layers of military grade AES 256-bit encryption technology to ensure the security of your files and data. As a result, our encryption is more sophisticated than any typical cloud storage.


In plain words, this means that in the very unlikely event that your files are compromised, your files are encrypted in such a way that they are unbreakable, and thus, totally useless to the perpetrators. Despite the complex nature of deploying multiple layers of encryption, we do feel that this methodology offers one of the best (if not the best) form of data security in the Cloud. In addition, all communications are done over SSL to complete the entire security loop. 

Application Security

On top our data security measures, we apply our proprietary application level 3-Tier Security which is targeted at User Account, Folder and File levels. 

Collaborate with others with "editor" or "viewer" permission and where their domain is trusted. You can also un-share or delete folders and files based on schedule (known as document expiration feature), and even enforce greater security protection to your sensitive shared folders or files with hierarchy of passwords. 


For System Administrators, You can track all actions users make in the system. These actions include:

  • Uploads/Downloads

  • Invite Collaborators

  • Create/Delete Folders

  • Create/Delete Files

  • Share/Remove Folders

  • Share/Remove Files

  • Assign/Remove Password to Files/Folders, Etc

For USERS, you can track all the following actions:

  1. All activities by yourself, AND

  2. All activities by OTHER USERS within the shared folder.